| July 15, 2019

4 Tips for Preparing Your Luxury Home for Sale

Everything You Need to Do to Get the Best Offer on Your Luxury Home

So you’ve decided to move out of your luxury home—now what? You’ll want to prepare your space prior to listing your property on the market. Investing a little time and money on design improvements could mean all the difference between the perfect sale and a lowball offer. Be sure to keep these four tips in mind as you sell your luxury house so you can attract a buyer who understands the value of your abode.

1. Curb Appeal is a Must

To start prepping your home for sale, you’ll want to spruce up the exterior of the house. Consider hiring a contractor to pressure wash the outside walls of your home, resurface the driveway, and update any landscaping if necessary.

Then, you’ll want to add some finishing touches—after all, these minor details all add up to create a home with the ultimate curb appeal. Draw in potential buyers with a fresh coat of paint on your front door and seasonal flowers planted in potters or the garden. By capturing a homebuyer’s attention with the curb appeal of your home, you’ll set yourself up for a successful sale from the get-go.

2. Take Staging Seriously

Staging your home will create a seamless integration of design from one room to the next. This method of decoration allows buyers to really understand how they could fit into this new home. While staging, be sure to highlight the purpose and focal points of every room. For example, if you have an outdoor kitchen, an intricate fireplace, or a spa-like master bathroom, you’ll want to showcase these features through design.

If you’ve recently redesigned or decorated your home, there’s no need to do it twice. But whether you choose to stage your home or not, you’ll want to schedule a professional cleaner. This will allow your house to be as clean and tidy as possible prior to listing photos and home showings.

3. Demonstrate the Lifestyle

Not only is it important to highlight the home’s features through staging, but you’ll also want to portray the lifestyle associated with your luxury home. When a potential buyer understands the lifestyle that comes along with your property, they will be in a better position to make an offer on it. Be sure to include details like clubhouse access or yacht club membership while discussing and marketing your luxury home. Plus, you should also include school district performance, access to urban centers, and views of oceans, mountains, or other stunning features.|

4. Price It Right the First Time

Although there is always room for negotiation, you’ll want to price your home correctly the first go-around. To set yourself up for a successful sale, you’ll need to hire a realtor that’s familiar with luxury property sales and pricing. An agent with experience in luxury sales will understand that there’s more to your home’s price tag than square footage alone. They’ll need to consider all the luxury aspects of your home, including wine cellars, tennis courts, integrated home technology, and more. By pricing your home accurately, you’ll be well on your way to a timely and successful sale.

Are you ready to sell your luxury home? Reach out. We’re dedicated to supporting you through the home sale process and helping you land the best offer on your piece of Hamptons luxury real estate.


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