| August 11, 2019

5 Ways the Smart Home is Making Life Easier

Incorporating Home-tech Into Your House Creates Ease of Living

To have a smart home is to have more than just trendy amenities--smart homes include features that will take your lifestyle to the next level. For ultimate ease of living, convenience, and safety, be sure to check out these smart home amenities and technology options. Here, we dive into the best features and how they can benefit you.

1. Safety First

Keep your home safe with the touch of a button. By integrating home-tech into your space, you’ll be able to keep your home ultra-secure. Use monitors to check up on your home while you’re away at work or out of town altogether. Plus, you can set alarms to notify you of suspicious behavior or any visitors.

Safety monitors can be especially useful for working parents. You can be notified when your kids arrive home from school, or you can check up on your pets while you’re at the office.

2. Hands-free Convenience

Smart home technology provides homeowners with hands-free convenience. Everything from playing music through the speakers in your house to adjusting light timers becomes ten times easier with smart home tech. Plus, you can start your shower from an app on your phone so it’s warm by the time you’re ready to hop in or adjust your home temperature prior to returning home from work. Hands-free convenience is a top perk of smart home living.

3. Efficiently Saves Energy

You’ll save money on bills. That’s right, by adding smart home features to your home, you can adjust temperatures and energy levels to optimize efficiency and therefore reduce bill payments. In addition, some smart home features learn to recognize your patterns, so they will automatically enter the most energy-efficient modes during different times of the day to save you the most money and keep your home operating smoothly.

4. Forgot to Lock Up? No Problem

If you leave home and are worried that you forgot to lock your front door or lower your garage door, no problem. With smart home tech, you can remotely lock up your home. This feature is also great for when you’re away at work or on vacation. With smart lighting systems lined through your phone, you can automate lights while out and about.

Having control over your locks will allow you to easily unlock your home in case of an emergency like a fire, flood, or gas leak. With this feature, you can unlock your property at the drop of the hat. This lets professionals like plumbers and electricians fix the issue at hand while you’re on your way home, too.

Are you ready to integrate these features into your home? Or are you looking for a new house that is already decked out in smart home tech? Let's get in touch. It would be our pleasure to pair you with a piece of Hamptons real estate with the smart home technology of your dreams.

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