| August 2, 2019

Tired Kitchen? 5 Luxury Kitchen Trends We’re Watching in 2019 and Beyond

We’re Loving These Trendy and Luxe Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens are the heart of the home, so you want it to be a standout room. Here, we discuss all the top design trends that are here now—and here to stay. Incorporate this stylish decor in your kitchen today.

1. Unique Sinks

A sink can be an overlooked part of a kitchen or it can be a showcased feature. In 2019, make your sink stand out. Whether you choose to get a brightly-colored sink to create a focal point in the room or a farmhouse-style sink for ultimate functionality, don’t miss an opportunity to show off some character. If you’d really like to create a statement, try a copper, hammered, or marble sink. This year, a practical yet unique sink is on-trend.

2. Statement Appliances

Appliances are must-have components of a kitchen, so you might as well make your appliances a gorgeous amenity in the space. There are plenty of options to make an appliance draw attention to your kitchen, which can enhance any decorating style. Consider a brightly-finished oven, a vintage-style fridge, or appliances that incorporate home-tech advances. By going all out with your appliances, you’ll have a kitchen that demands attention.

3. The More Textures the Merrier

This year, textures are in, and they’re around to stay. Many interior decorators and home designers are incorporating mixed textures into kitchens. Choose to mix metals by alternating gold knobs with silver fixtures, or enhance your space by creating contrast with matte and glossy finishes on cupboards, countertops, and floors.

4. Cabinets Are Bigger and Better

Out are the days of open shelving, and in are the days of functional—yet fashionable—storage. This year, we’re seeing spaces decked out with walls of storage. But here’s the catch: luxury properties have ultimate storage space with streamlined design styles, so your mega-storage pantry goes unnoticed. Plus, bigger cabinets allow for functional storage that hides excess cutlery, dishes, and appliances in the kitchen.

5. Create a Fun Backsplash

Incorporate fun and unique tiles in your kitchen. Whether you choose to create a geometric pattern out of your backsplash or install a masterpiece mosaic above your oven, being playful with tiles is the hottest thing to do right now. For an ultra-personal touch, pick up Spanish, Moroccan, or other cultural tiles while on your next vacation. The colors and designs of this backsplash will really tie the entire kitchen together.

Are you searching for a luxury home that has these features? If so, please reach out. It would be our pleasure to introduce you to opulent Hamptons real estate in the area that showcases major trends in the kitchen and throughout the entire home.

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