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10 Tech Upgrades For Your Hamptons Home

Whether you're currently shopping your options in Hamptons luxury real estate or are just moving into your new Montauk lake house, having the right technology installed is essential. Modern tech saves time, promotes efficiency, and always impresses. You'll also find that the best of modern technology has the surprising ability to give your living environment a comfortable, homey feel. Far from the images of cold, sterile machinery that the very word “technology” invokes, these additions cater to your every need. The following ten tech upgrades are definitely worth considering.

A smart, multi-layered lighting system

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Often referred to as universal lighting, a multi-layered lighting plan has something for everyone and for every indoor affair. It can include wall sconces, chandeliers, task lighting, under-counter lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, lamps, and any other form of lighting that your heart desires. The idea is to provide enough flexibility for creating the perfect ambiance for every mood, occasion, and activity. Whether you're hosting a large dinner party, having an at-home date night with your significant other, or are staging a poker game, you can have the ideal combination of lights and the right level of illumination with ease. However, with a smart, multi-layered lighting system, much of the work is done for you. Your lights can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet, or laptop using a mobile app. Moreover, you can program your lights to brighten or dim according to your schedule, turn themselves off when you leave, or turn themselves on to greet you when you arrive. Smart lighting prevents energy waste even as it shapes your living environment to suit your lifestyle.

The toilet that does it all

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When touring homes for sale in Amityville Harbor, NY, buyers often pay the most attention to the bathrooms. After all, these are spaces that they're guaranteed to visit once or more each day. Technology in the loo can make even the basest of activities seem downright opulent. Although the term "porcelain throne" has been thrown around for years, there was never a commode truly worth this title until tech came into the picture. While there are countless options in luxury toilets to choose from, the Inax USA Toilet does it all. As you approach this commode, the lid rises to welcome you, and the seat self-heats. While opening, it activates its deodorizer and starts playing tunes from an included sound card. When you're done, it auto-flushes itself. Not to be outdone, Kohler has a luxury toilet of its own. Moreover, it costs several thousand dollars less and incorporates advanced bidet functionality. Dubbed the Numi Intelligent Toilet, this model has touchscreen controls, an integrated air dryer, and a foot warmer.

Radiant heat systems

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Radiant heating systems are all the rage in the Hamptons. After all, who likes putting their bare feet on an ice-cold floor first thing in the morning? If you have a canine or feline companion, your pet will thank you. Given that heat rises, radiant heat systems are currently ranked among the most efficient heating options available. When compared to central, forced air heating systems, they create minimal energy waste. Heat doesn't have to travel through lengthy, complex ducting systems. It also doesn’t bring in particulates from the outdoor air. Radiant heating adds a touch of comfort to homes even when central HVAC systems already exist. They allow for higher indoor air qualities (IAQs), lower carbon footprints, and cozier living environments all around. In the Hamptons, radiant heat can be a real time-saver. When installed outdoors, they melt the snow on walkways and driveways for you, so that you never have to lift a shovel or hire a snow removal company again.

A wine cellar refrigerator

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If you love a good Merlot just as much as you enjoy innovative technology, a wine cellar refrigerator is the perfect luxury upgrade for your Hamptons home. Gone are the days when wine aficionados have to descend several sets of stairs and enter a dark cave lined with racks and bottles. Showcase your collection without diminishing its integrity. These refrigerators are even built to accommodate variety. Many models are smart enough to maintain the perfect temperatures for every wine type. If you love reds while your partner loves whites, look for a dual-zone temperature wine cellar refrigerator. The largest of these appliances can hold between 60 and 300 wine bottles at a time. Best of all, there are plenty of options to suit your available space. These units can be under-counter, built-in, or freestanding.

Stay well with your very own infrared sauna

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Nearly every large-sized home in the Hamptons has its own gym, and while the health benefits of working out can’t be overstated, now is an excellent time to consider the enhanced benefits that your very own infrared sauna will provide. These include better sleep, less mental fatigue, improved immune functioning, clearer, tighter, and more youthful-looking skin, joint relief, and improved blood flow. Infrared saunas are even great for promoting weight loss and assisting with weight maintenance. You don't have to take a trip to the spa every time you want to boost your health. JNH Lifestyles offers several models that accommodate one, two, three, or even four people at once. High-tech infrared saunas boast clean heat technologies, wellness and goal tracking, and more.

Smart windows

Smart windows are amazing. These are windows that can reflect heat away from your home on the hottest days of the year. Also known as electrochromic windows, they can darken for increased privacy while still giving you a clear view outdoors. They block annoying glares, block harmful UV rays, and more. With smart windows, you don't have to worry about ongoing sun exposure fading your furnishings, artwork, or rugs, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds your Hamptons home without worrying about who's watching you. Given their ability to block out thermal energy from the sun, installing smart windows is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and maintain modest home energy bills.

A fully-integrated, built-in refrigerator

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When you live in an area that gets an average of 47 inches of rain and 26 inches of snow each year, it's best to plan ahead. There may come days when traveling to the store or getting deliveries just isn't an option. There may be days when you simply don't feel like going out at all. A fully-integrated, built-in refrigerator will give you the walk-in size storage of a small restaurant and plenty of room to house all of your favorite eats. Great for large families, households that regularly host guests, and those who simply love having a lot on hand, built-in refrigerators from Gaggenau aren't just functional storage, they're statement pieces. Moreover, in a region that's populated by die-hard foodies, these refrigerators are guaranteed to add to the marketability and appeal of your home. If Gaggenau's designs aren't right for you, you can also check out smart refrigerators from Perlick, Bertazzoni, Samsung, or Fischer & Paykel.

A bathtub that gives you the total spa experience

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Bathing becomes a truly immersive and restorative experience when you have the latest high-tech tub. While you may be dreaming of having an elegant, fully-restored clawfoot tub, there’s so much more that a bath can do than simply surround you with water. Make room in your life for a tub that's connected, capable, and rich with features. The latest high-tech tubs do more than emit powerful, massaging streams of water. There are options that include infrared sauna and steam sauna functions, hydro massagers, stereo radio with loudspeakers, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and more. Top options to check out include the Red Diamond tub from WaterGames Technologies, the Sigma bathtub from Jacuzzi, and the Beignet bathtub from Spiritual Mode.

Get shade control with smart blinds

Smart blinds open and close at your command or according to your pre-programmed schedule. If you want to be awakened each morning with a generous dose of sunshine rather than the bleating of your alarm clock, installing smart blinds in your Hamptons home is an excellent choice. These blinds can be connected to your tablet, laptop, or mobile phone and controlled by a mobile app. You can program them to raise or lower at specific times, half-close, and more. When paired with smart windows, they'll give you full control over who can see in, how much natural light you get, and how much you see of the outdoor world. Much like smart windows, smart blinds can help you maximize your energy savings.

Smart, high-end home security

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Even people living in apartments have front door cameras that are connected to their mobile devices. Home security technology is becoming increasingly low-cost and accessible. When you've purchased a high-end home in the Hamptons, security is one area in which you definitely want to splurge. Consider investing in biometric keypads for keyless entry. This way, you aren't constantly passing out keys that get dropped and lost. You can also add secure access to select rooms throughout the home such as your wine cellar, your bedroom, or the room where you keep your safe or any other valuable items. Advanced smart security systems are always multi-pronged and integrated. They include features like radar detection for outdoor intruders, motion-activated lighting, small, disc-shaped sensors that can detect water leaks, and more. Working with a security consultant will allow you to identify all potential areas of risk and vulnerability, and then find a suitable plan for mitigating them. The more elements that your home security plan has, the more peace of mind you'll enjoy.

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