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12 Interior Design Tips for Your Hamptons Home

A new home is an exciting venture. You have a fresh canvas ready for your vision to help complete it. Whether you have a piece of Hamptons oceanfront real estate or your property is located within the city, you may want the interior to reflect your surroundings. Structural integrity helps enhance the ambiance of the overall space you're in. With these interior design tips for your Hamptons home, you may get some ideas on how to make your house an accurate representation of the life of luxury you want to lead.

Fast Facts about Interior Design

  1. Good interior design can significantly enhance the Return On Investment (ROI) for property owners. Thoughtful design choices can increase a property's appeal, attracting potential buyers and ensuring a high ROI [1][3].
  2. Businesses and homeowners investing in interior design often see a positive ROI, benefiting from their investment for years [2].
  3. Nationally, the average ROI for home remodeling projects, which can include interior design, is approximately 69%. This means homeowners typically recoup 69% of their investment on such projects [4].
  4. Hiring an interior designer can be cost-effective, as they often have access to trade discounts, potentially saving money on renovations and materials [5].
  5. Specific home improvements, including those related to interior design, are known to offer the best ROI, according to reports comparing the cost of remodeling projects and their payback [6].

1. Improve the paint

Most modern homes have one thing in common regarding the paint on the walls. They often use neutral colors that appear toned-down. Carpeted walls and brightly colored paint are not common in Hamptons luxury real estate. With an oceanfront property, light shades of blue and green work well. They bring a sense of tranquility to the space that can significantly improve the overall feel of the entire property. Otherwise, stick with white, beige, or other light, neutral colors that won't appear overwhelming or too in-your-face.

2. Make updates to the bathroom

The bathroom is the home location that can always use an update. A few simple changes here can make a big difference. Something as simple as painting the cabinets white can help make the space appear bigger and brighter. Adding new lighting can also improve the ambiance. Installing an entirely new tub or shower can have a powerful effect on the room's overall look.
Even if there are no bathroom changes to make in your Hamptons luxury real estate, carefully consider the accessories and color scheme. Light blue or light green rugs, countertop pieces, and a shower curtain can tie together a natural feel that bodes well for a home near the water.

3. Replace the fixtures

The fixtures throughout your Hampton home add decorative features to their areas. Replacing these with pieces that enhance the overall look you're hoping to achieve can drastically improve the design without spending or doing much. For example, something as simple as adding seashell-shaped knobs to your bathroom or kitchen cabinets can help capture an ocean vibe. Or replacing old brass knobs with chrome ones can add to the slick city vibe you might prefer.

4. Upgrade the lighting

Homebuyers looking for Hamptons oceanfront real estate often prefer natural lighting. An oceanfront home pairs well with a light, airy feel and open space that lets light shine. While having large, open windows helps tremendously, you can also upgrade interior lighting to mirror the natural lighting outside. Quality interior lighting bodes well for dreary days and nights. Using halogen light bulbs, you can recreate sunlight. The white light they produce is reminiscent of natural lighting, especially compared to basic bulbs that give off a very yellow, much more dim hue.
LED lighting may be wise if you hope to add a colored backdrop or underlighting in a particular area of your house. Many people have begun adding string lights of this nature beneath cabinets to help accentuate the design in the dark. Some blue lights surrounding your bathroom cabinets can resemble the ocean at night while improving visibility so you can sneak down for some bubbly without turning on all the lights.

5. Add a gallery wall

Adding a gallery wall is a great way to put a focal point within a room. Add photos that contribute to the overall mood of the space you are attempting to convey. For an oceanfront home, you may want a gallery wall filled with pictures of ocean waves, beach scenery, and sea creatures. Do not simply stick the photos in any which way. Hang them in a manner that exudes proportion. Make sure they are not all in a straight row, but instead hang them in a manner that creates a unique shape or pattern. Adorn a horizontal photo next to a vertical one or a large photo next to a small one.

6. Make one wall an accent

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Another good option is to change the wall itself. Make one entire wall an accent piece by changing the paint pattern. Add shelves with unique decorative elements. Design a bookshelf with every space filled from bottom to top. The gallery wall of photos or artwork is only one option. Use the idea that feels best to you. The goal is to help the wall stand out so it becomes a focal point where people gather.

7. Add statement pieces to every room

A luxurious home is not filled with bulky furniture, clutter, or distracting knick-knacks. Instead, there is often a statement piece in every room without additional, confronting items diluting your attention. For example, a uniquely-shaped dresser in your bedroom could be your statement piece, while a fireplace in your living room could act as the statement piece there. Everything else in the room should be neutral and much more toned-down to help accentuate this piece. If you do not want an entire wall redesigned, scale down. Statement pieces are easily achievable for anyone.

8. Choose smart appliances with a fine finish

The appliances within your home should be up-to-date and reflective of the modern, palatial energy you hope to express. You would be remiss only to consider the appearance of those fixtures and not the functionality of them as well. Smart appliances with a black or chrome finish showcase extravagance and contemporary times. Gone are the days of basic white refrigerators with plain doors and rough textures. Now, with the latest technology, you can see what's inside with a simple touch of your hand. Update your appliances with the latest features, and you'll add to the home's ease while enhancing its overall look within the color scheme and theme you're striving to achieve.

9. Stick with one theme throughout

Step inside a themed hotel, and you will likely find all kinds of differently decorated rooms. That is not an ideal way to design a home. Rather than making each part of the home feel like an entirely different place, create a cohesive feel and stick with the same theme. Do not make one room an ocean oasis and another like a cabin. Your theme and color scheme should be consistent throughout to help your entire home exude the right vibe.
The exception to this would be your bedroom. Since this is a private space often closed off to guests, you may decide to take more liberties here and apply a unique color to the walls compared to the rest of the house.

10. Add touches of glam

You don't need to overdo it by having glamorous pieces around every corner. Start with a minimalistic design and add touches of glam here and there to make them pop. A crystal chandelier above your dining room table is one example. Pieces with silver or gold can propagate luxury, particularly if paired with a silk or velvet accent piece elsewhere in the room. For instance, you could have a silk liner across your table.

11. Carefully consider your textures

Silk and velvet are just two textures you might employ. You can drastically improve the sophistication of the space with suitable materials. On the other side of the coin, you can detract from the luxury look you're attempting with the wrong ones. A velvet throw adorning your couch adds an elegant touch, while a throw pillow can be off-putting.
In general, interior designers use texture to manipulate the look and feel of a room. Coarse materials like reclaimed wood or terracotta are more common in seaside cottages or woodsy cabins. Such unrefined textures convey a rustic aesthetic, whereas smooth materials (like shiny metals) go towards a modern or futuristic decor.

12. Make it custom

What's more luxurious than having a custom home that pairs with your personality? Adding personal touches to your space with customized pieces you select can significantly improve the functionality and design. Only the rare guest could step inside without feeling in awe of the uniqueness of the space. Maybe you want a custom-made light fixture in your bathroom that recalls seashells along the sandy shore. Or perhaps you want to hang a custom piece of artwork above your bed. In either case, the new object should embody the luxurious feel you desire. Look at previously sold Hampton homes or others on the market, and you may notice creative artwork on the walls, unique statues in the foyer or on a stair landing, and other befitting pieces showcasing the personality and preference of the owner.
With some design tips in mind, you may be eager to try them out in your piece of East Hampton luxury real estate. Reach out to Matthew Breitenbach to find your ideal home or vacation destination. Call him at 631-255-6221 or send an email to [email protected].


Interior Design Concepts to Consider

  1. The Importance of Color in Interior Design: The choice of colors in a home can dramatically affect its ambiance and perceived space. Neutral colors are a popular choice as they create a calm and relaxing environment. In specific settings like Hamptons-style homes, light shades of blue and green can enhance the coastal vibe. It's essential to choose colors that complement the property's surroundings and personal preferences.

  2. Lighting as a Key Design Element: Effective lighting is crucial in interior design. It's not just about the amount of light, but also its quality and how it interacts with the space and furnishings. Natural light is highly prized, especially in properties like oceanfront homes. Upgrading to quality interior lighting, like halogen or LED lights, can mimic natural light and enhance the home's atmosphere, especially during darker hours.

  3. Consistency in Theme and Design: Maintaining a consistent theme throughout the home is vital for creating a cohesive and harmonious environment. This doesn't mean every room should look the same, but there should be a unifying design element or theme. In a Hamptons home, this might mean maintaining a coastal or luxury theme throughout the property, with variations in different rooms to add individuality without breaking the overall aesthetic.

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