| October 25, 2019

4 Best Places to Get Lobster in the Hamptons

These Dining Establishments Bring Lobster to the Next Level

Located on Long Island, the Hamptons is a collection of upscale waterfront communities within easy driving distance of New York City. Characterized by gorgeous beaches and regal estates set onto manicured lawns, it’s a see-and-be-seen destination for well-to-do New Yorkers as well as a popular second-home community. Thanks to its proximity to the water, the Hamptons is also known for its seafood. Whether you’re in town for the weekend or thinking about relocating to the area, here are four of the top places to get lobster in the Hamptons.

The Lobster Roll

If you’re searching for one of the best lobster rolls in the Hamptons, look no further. This old-school seafood shack serves up an assortment of grilled, broiled, fried, and stuffed seafood as well as classic hot and cold lobster rolls. For the classic hot roll, large chunks of lobster meat are slathered with butter and served on toasted buns alongside homemade coleslaw for the ultimate East Coast meal. The cold version consists of a chilled lobster salad served on toasted buns.

Duryea's Lobster Deck & Seafood Market

Settle into a seat on the outdoor patio at Duryea’s to enjoy a glass of wine and a lobster dish as the sun sets over the water. While it’s particularly hard to choose between the large, flavorful lobster roll (served with sweet potato chips) and the lobster cobb salad, you can’t go wrong with just about anything on the menu. If you prefer to make your own meal, pick up lobsters from the onsite seafood market and raw bar.


For a welcome change of pace, head to Calissa, a Greek-inspired coastal eatery. Billed as “Mykonos in the Hamptons,” this sit-down restaurant features a menu of innovative seafood and Greek dishes. Do yourself a favor and try the lobster bucatini, which is seasoned with tomato, mint, fennel, and Aleppo pepper. Calissa also features the largest selection of rosé in the Hamptons, so be sure to order a glass of wine or a craft cocktail.

Out of the Blue Seafood

This down-to-earth eatery offers tried-and-true East Coast favorites like lobster bisque and a full lobster dinner with baked potato and corn, as well as fresh takes like a lobster salad tortilla bowl. Known for its ultra-fresh fish, Out of the Blue Seafood is a must-try destination for seafood lovers. Diners can also buy local, sustainable seafood from the onsite wholesale fish market or smokehouse.

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