| July 19, 2019

4 Places to Store Your Boat in the Hamptons

Here Are the Best Marinas That Offer Wet and Dry Storage in the Hamptons

While in the Hamptons, you’ll likely be drawn to the beautiful beaches and expansive waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, boats, yachts, and sailboats set off to explore and enjoy the ocean surrounding the Hamptons every summer. After a day at sea, you’ll want to keep your boat docked safely at a local marina. Luckily, the Hamptons is full of superior marinas that offer both wet and dry storage to keep your watercraft in optimal condition all year long.

1. Hampton Boat Works

Hampton Boat Works is a full-service marina and boatyard that is dedicated to providing all your boating needs. The marina is located in Hampton Bays, New York. Plus, it’s just a quick drive away from the Shinnecock canal and inlet, providing easy access to boating waters.

Hampton Boat Works houses summer marina slips along with both wet and dry winter storage. In addition, Hampton Boat Works is capable of performing rigging and maintenance services on your watercraft, such as marine carpentry, fiberglass repair, gel coat paint, and engine repair.

2. Seacoast Enterprises Associates

For generations, the Seacoast Enterprises Associates has been a family-owned-and-operated marina service in the Hamptons. In fact, Seacoast Enterprises Associates manages four marinas in East Hampton, including Three Mile Harbor Marina, Harbor Marina of East Hampton, Halsey’s Marina, and Gardiner’s Marina.

Seacoast Enterprises Associates offers summer marina slips along with a variety of winter storage options. During the colder months, Seacoast Enterprises Associates can store your watercraft indoors or outdoors in either wet or dry environments. On top of all the storage options that Seacoast Enterprises Associates offers, the company prides itself on providing a variety of winterization options and boat maintenance.

3. Mariner’s Cove Marine

At Mariner’s Cove Marine, you are able to store your boat in the water throughout the summer months or participate in a unique valet service. The Mariner’s Cove Marine boat valet launches your boat for you whenever you plan a day out on the water. Plus, the valet service includes hauling, cleaning, and covering the boat when you’re done exploring at sea. Whether you plan to keep your boat docked at the marina or you’re interested in the valet service, be sure to check out your options at Mariner’s Cove Marine.

4. Strong’s Marine

Strong’s Marine operates seven marinas in the Hamptons, so you can pick your desired marina experience. Whether you’d like in-water dockage, valet services, or winter storage options, Strong’s Marine has it all. Strong’s Marine is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Therefore, they go the extra mile to provide convenient services, including watercraft pickup and delivery during the storage process.

Now that we’ve found a home for your watercraft, let’s talk houses. Are you interested in purchasing a piece of Hamptons real estate? If so, let's connect. It would be our pleasure to help you find the home of your dreams so you can set sail any day in the Hamptons.

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