| July 30, 2019

6 Places to Keep Up Your Fitness Routine in the Hamptons

While in the Hamptons, Stay Active at These Top Fitness Facilities.

Whether you’re in the Hamptons for a quick vacation or a long-term stay, your fitness routine doesn’t have to suffer. In fact, the Hamptons is filled with dozens of exercise facilities that provide one-of-a-kind classes and deliver optimal results. When you’re in town, be sure to check out these favorite places to work out.

1. Soulcycle

With four Hamptons locations, SoulCycle is a favored workout destination in the area. SoulCycle studios are incredibly posh and modern, as they’re decorated with vibrant yellow accents, clean lines, and trendy decor. Plus, SoulCycle is the perfect place to get your sweat on. SoulCycle is known for its 45-minute indoor cycling classes that are amplified with unique strength training exercises and rhythm-based choreography.

2. Five Pillars Yoga

Five Pillars Yoga aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, mindful approach, and energized sense of being through their yoga classes. From basic yoga sequences to advanced yoga flows, Five Pillars Yoga offers a variety of classes to accommodate every skill level. Plus, a yoga class at Five Pillars Yoga is much more than a workout--these classes also offer emotional, spiritual, and physical growth.

3. Barry’s Bootcamp

When you reserve your spot at a Barry’s Bootcamp fitness class, you’re signing up for the ultimate workout. A session at Barry’s Bootcamp can burn over 1,000 calories through a mixture of cardio training and weight lifting. At Barry’s Bootcamp, every day of the week is dedicated to a different muscle group. For example, Monday workouts focus on arms and abs, whereas Friday workouts challenge the entire body.

4. 27tennis

27tennis is a well-known tennis club in the Hamptons. This boutique club offers tennis lessons to both children and adults so that everyone can enhance their tennis game. Plus, 27tennis houses five tennis courts and two basketball courts for public use. And, when you’re done working out, you’ll have access to the newly-renovated clubhouse.

5. Crossfit Hamptons

Workouts at CrossFit Hamptons focus on functional movements and high-intensity training. The facility is full of kettlebells, barbells, rowing machines, and open space for assorted exercises. The goal of CrossFit Hamptons is to provide excellent workouts and build community. CrossFit Hamptons even offers programs for kids!

6. Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson classes integrate movement, dance, and cardio to provide workouts that generate results. Each workout is held in a humidity and temperature-controlled room in order to facilitate the most superior workout environment. Plus, classes are enhanced with music and community to create a fun-filled workout. At the Tracy Anderson studio, private training is also available.

Are you hoping to become a regular at these workout facilities? Give us a call. We can work together to find the perfect Hamptons luxury home for you.

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