| March 15, 2020

Home Technologies to Look Out for in 2020

From High-definition Security Cameras to Environmentally Friendly Thermostats, Explore How to Modernize Your Home in the New Year

With a new decade right around the corner, homeowners are starting to think about how new technology will impact them in 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re looking for ways to modernize your home or simply wondering about the technologies that are certain to revolutionize the industry in the years to come, here are three home technologies on track to become even more popular in 2020.

Smart Appliances

Hey Alexa, make me a cup of coffee! As technology continues to become more advanced, smart appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and even coffee makers are making our lives easier. While smart appliances are especially popular in the kitchen, they’re also being installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Smart appliances are poised to make up an even bigger segment of the retail economy in the new year. So if you’re thinking about buying a new toaster, dryer, or bathroom scale in 2020, why not be smart about it?

Security Features

Although home security features have long been an important consideration for buyers, they’re more advanced than ever before. From high-definition cameras to smart locks and fingerprint scanners to yard-mounted lasers, new advancements in the home security segment are making homes safer than ever. While cameras and alarms may get most of the attention, security experts say it’s increasingly important to make sure to safeguard your WiFi network, too.

Energy-Efficient Features

From solar panels to smart thermostats, homes of the future will be outfitted with energy- and money-saving devices—and for good reason. Experts say reducing energy usage can save homeowners up to 70% on their overall utility bills. In the new year, expect to see homes outfitted with solar roof shingles, heat- and cold-resistant paint, energy-management systems, and other futuristic endeavors designed to both save energy and cut costs.

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