Matthew Breitenbach | September 18, 2021

Where to Find the Best Clambakes in the Hamptons

Want to take part in a classic Hamptons summer experience? Get your friends and family together for a New England-style clambake! 

The clambake is a traditional method of cooking in which seafood is steamed over seaweed in a large pit oven. Clambakes are perfect for outdoor parties and celebrations, especially when held on scenic sandy beaches or in the comfort of your backyard. 

Discover where to find the best clambakes in the Hamptons for your next social outing!

East End Clambakes

For a top-tier clambake experience, visit East End Clambakes. Captain Phil Gay and his catering staff have hosted thousands of parties, weddings, and corporate events throughout Long Island. From preparing lobsters to shucking clams and oysters, East End Clambakes always provides delicious dishes for its diners. The caterer even has a Texas Barbecue menu with items such as barbecued ribs and chicken, potato salad, and brownies. 

East End Clambakes always uses the freshest ingredients by getting their food from local farmers’ markets. Captain Phil has been a bayman — or fisherman — for over 30 years. It is his extensive knowledge of seafood that has given East End Clambakes a first-class rating. The catering company has been featured on “Good Morning America,” the Cooking Channel, and in the New York Times. Captain Phil and his team have also hosted many celebrity events — one of their most exclusive was a beach clambake for pop star Katy Perry! 

East End Clambakes holds its catering events on some of the most beautiful beaches in the Hamptons. Guests can even customize the event to their liking by choosing their seating, accessories, music, and entertainment. As one of the oldest and most successful catering companies in the Hamptons, East End Clambakes throws a clambake like no other.

Bostwick’s Clambakes & Catering Co.

Photo: Bostwick’s Clambakes & Catering Co.

Check out Bostwick’s Clambakes & Catering Co. for a clambake your guests will rave about! Enjoy the immaculate beaches of the East End as you indulge in an incredible clambake dinner. The Botswick’s “Basic” Clambake features items such as lobster, corn on the cob, grilled free-range chicken, and watermelon wedges. Other clambake menus boast items like tuna tartare, sliced tenderloin of beef, chilled jumbo shrimp, and key lime tartlets. 

As far as beverages go, guests have options ranging from BYOB to a full bar setup. All of Botswick’s catering events are customizable, including lighting, floral arrangements, and entertainment. Get cozy as the sun sets, roast s’mores around a large bonfire, and listen to chill reggae music. Or create a romantic setting by adding bistro lighting, field flowers, and fluffy fleece blankets to snuggle up in. 

Bostwick’s also provides cooked clambake and lobster dinners to go. For an innovative clambake menu and a staff that is all about service, Bostwick’s Clambakes & Catering Co. is a perfect choice.

Hampton Clambake

Known as the beach party experts, Hampton Clambake is a premier seaside caterer specializing in clambakes, rehearsal dinners, weddings, corporate events, and cocktail parties. Hampton Clambake has its own set of custom kitchen trailers to bring the feast to any beach or home. 

The entire dinner is prepared on-site so that guests can watch with appreciation, and the catering menus are simple yet delightful. The mussel and clam appetizer is world-renowned for its garden herb and white wine flavor. The sweet and fluffy strawberry shortcake dessert is also a hit and is even made to order. 

Hampton Clambake also offers menu upgrades, including their Long Island raw bar and North Carolina pulled pork. Or opt for the Make-Your-Own Menu if you would like to substitute or add brisket and ribs to your dinner. If there is something on the menu you don’t see but would like to have, just let your Clambake Event Planner know and they will happily accommodate your request. 

Hampton Clambake also provides a wide range of beach party extras, from tiki torches to hurricane lamps. Rely on Hampton Clambake to throw the best clambake party for you and your guests!

Photo: Hampton Clambake

Stuart’s Seafood Market

Get the finest local and global catch at Stuart’s Seafood Market. Stuart’s baymen harvest shellfish from pristine, state-certified waters daily. You will find flounder, salmon, fluke, swordfish, tuna, bluefish, red snapper, and striped bass all at the market. Stuart’s also has tanks filled with lobsters of all sizes, which they cook to order in a state-of-the-art steamer. Their most popular lobster, however, is the jumbo lobster from Nova Scotia. 

Stuart’s Seafood Market has a gourmet pantry full of local and international goodies, too! From Hawaiian sea salt to New York’s Ronnybrook Farm ice cream, this market is a one-stop shop. 

Stuart’s also offers a to-go clambake option that you can take home and cook! Mussels, lobster, clams, corn on the cob, and red potatoes are all layered in a large aluminum kettle. All you have to do is heat the pot, and your dinner is ready to go! Stuart’s also offers a to-go lobster dinner. Complete with melted butter, this delicacy is served warm and ready to savor. 

For a classic seaside delicacy that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, treat yourself to a clambake courtesy of Stuart’s Seafood Market.

Photo: Stuart’s Seafood Market

Clambakes & BBQs

If you’re craving a traditional summer experience in the Hamptons, Clambakes & BBQs is sure to deliver. Chef Peter Ambrose cooks summer-inspired menus and cocktails by reinventing regional classics. This caterer’s clambake includes dishes like shrimp, Carolina slaw, and lobster. Chef Ambrose has also created a sought-after barbecue menu with items like portobello and fontina cheese quesadillas, skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, and braised duck confit tacos.

One of Clambakes & BBQs’ most distinct offerings is its Paella & Turf Menu. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish consisting of rice, saffron, chicken, and seafood. Chef Ambrose cooks his paella in a typical paella pan filled with saffron rice mixed with shrimp, clams, mussels, crab, crawdad, sausage, and chicken. Guacamole and grilled salsa, along with spiced watermelon and mint salad, add to this Latin-themed menu. 

Clambakes & BBQs also specializes in weddings — Chef Ambrose has over 20 years of wedding experience. The Clambakes & BBQs team can help you plan a picture-perfect wedding reception and caters to stunning venues such as the Parrish Art Museum, Boathouse, and LongHouse Reserve. Create endless memories on the picturesque beaches of the East Hamptons with a legendary meal or event catered by Clambakes & BBQs.

Photo: Clambakes & BBQs

ClammanSeasons Market Caterer

Head over to ClammanSeasons Market Caterer for some of the freshest seafood in the Hamptons. Located in Southampton, ClammanSeasons is a full-service fish market that is open seven days a week. ClammanSeasons has over 30 years of experience in clambake catering and event planning. The company’s Classic Clambake can feed up to 25 guests and features items like lobster, barbecue chicken, homemade coleslaw, and grilled potatoes. Special additions are available as well, such as a fresh shucked raw bar, Bonfire Package, and chilled shrimp cocktail. You can even add individual menu items to your clambake, as well as a cocktail hour. ClammanSeasons also offers customized decor and equipment based on the theme you are looking to create. Go nautical with a blue and white striped tablecloth, or go exotic with bamboo plates. Whether you go with a classic beach clambake or have the seafood party brought to your home, ClammanSeasons Market Caterer will create a delicious experience suited to your needs. 

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